Shrimps Can Also Be Alcoholic


I think this is one of the best Filipino dishes that had ever invented, icluding the deadly lechon. Scratch being a health freak for a while. I can’t resist eating this food, “Nilasing na Hipon” as what they termed. If I am going to translate it, it’ll be “Drunken Shrimp.” Or, any suggestion?

I remember when I was a child, my grandma always order this food on every occasion. Funny, until we were seven years old, we celebrate our birthdays with this food, including lechon. I actually have no idea how to cook this nilasing na hipon until today. And it’s not nilasing if you bought the shrimp dead. It must be fresh and most importantly, alive.

Nilasing na hipon can be your afternoon snack or your pulutan. Just beware of your blood pressure and cholesterol shooting up if you have no control.

To try this oh so delicioso food,  you just need the following: small shrimp, alive; gin or white wine, and flour for coating. Marinade the shrimp with gin or white win whatever is available for 20-30 minutes. Coat with flour and deep fry until it’s golden brown. Easy as 1-2-3. Bon appetit!


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