Catch Me

Finally, the kings of K-pop are back with their most awaited 6th album, “Catch Me.” That was after a year and 8 months of absence in the Korean scene. I’m sorry if the review is quite late. It’s better than nothing. Kkk~

I swear, the moment I heard the song, I was literally screaming in my mind. It’s way way better than Keep Your Head Down (as a duo). And this is something that I didn’t expect about ’em. Don’t worry, I already accepted them as a duo but still I do wonder how good it’l be if they’re five, especially on their “hulk dance.”

From its cover, I knew they got the concept from their Japanese album, Tone. Hoho~ Look at those bright yellow background. The only difference was, there’s a dog. XD

Their album consists of 11 great songs with the leading single, Catch Me. They also released a Korean version of the Japanese single “I don’t know” which was released around 2011.

One of the songs, “Getaway,” actually reminded me of Iyah. They performed it around 2005. What reminds me of it was the drum beats and the hamming of the guitar, well, almost similar.

TVXQ’s album is always a must buy and will be released on December 15 here in the Philippines. Oh, that’s Junsu’s birthday!


1. Catch Me

2. Viva

3. Destiny

4. Like a Soap

5. I Don’t Know

6. Dream

7. How Are You?

8. Getaway

9. I Swear

10. Gorgeous

11. Good Night


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