Green Tea vs Lemon Tea

A few years back, a friend asked a classmate who came from Japan why do Japanese drink tea after each meal, specifically green tea. She answered us and said it was for metabolism. We all know, it was quite hard to lose weight and what a luck if you have slow metabolism. And I’m one of those.

I am never a tea lover but lately, I am getting used to the taste and I always drink a cup of tea every after meal. So far, there’s no effect yet but hopefully soon. I should take a cup every day, religiously. I just don’t like the taste of tea. It’s bland yet if you put even a little sugar on it, it tastes awful. Yo~ just for the sake of losing weight, I’m doing this. Haha~

I did a little research in regards with lemon tea and green tea. There’s always a box of those two products here at home. Well, I’m a coffee lover but that’s another story.

What about the tea? According to a site that I found through google, it is made from Camellia Sinesis and it has three main varieties: green, black and oolong. I am actually familiar with oolong but I don’t want to try it. I am afraid to its taste. Haha~ It was also said, the difference between those types are the concentration level of polyphenol antioxidants. The more polyphenol, the better the fat-burning effects and benefits will be. Green tea is a rich source of the particular antioxidant and the reason why it is considered one of the best weight loss alternative. I guess I should be more particular with the back label. Haha~

I only found few articles about lemon tea. And it says, “Lemon tea uses the benefits of lemon to help the body and mind of those who consume it.”

According to an article from buzzle, here are the benefits that we can get from lemon tea.

  1.  Mental freshness: This is achieved by clearing out the toxins in the blood. Thus, a person will feel less lethargic and more active after drinking lemon tea.
  1. Blood Cleanser: The lemon tea also helps clean up the various body systems and clears up the skin due to the flushing out of the toxins.
  2. Cancer: Lemon is very rich in Vitamin C and is a strong natural antioxidant which is a help in neutralizing free radicals.This same reason implies that the risk of cancer is lesser in an individual who regularly consumes lemon tea.
  3. Digestive System: Lemon tea also plays a stabilizing role in the digestive system of a person, and helps clear it out.
  4. Antiseptic: Lemon tea also acts as an antiseptic and helps prevent various infections and illnesses.

Of course, to attain those benefits, we have to take it on regular basis, just like what I am doing lately. Kkk~

Green tea originates from Asia, mainly from China and other neighboring countries like Japan and South Korea. Asians in general have slim bodies, good skin complexions and higher life expectancy rates, and this is because drinking tea has become part of their culture for several centuries.

What makes green tea  more special? They say, the secret lies to its rich antioxidant called catechin polyphenol. It can prevent diseases such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, cardiovascular diseases and even infection. It can also helps in lowering the cholesterol levels on our body and helps in our immune function.

Did you know that green tea can also help to prevent tooth decay?

If there’s benefits, how about its harmful effects? As I searched more through google, the only negative side effect is insomnia due to its caffeine content. But it has lesser caffeine than a coffee. And another is, dehydration. Because it’s also a diuretic like a coffee.

According to the site,, here are some differences of Green Tea and Lemon Tea

  1.  Green tea is one of the three main types of teas, while lemon tea is just a method of preparing the beverage.
  2. Green tea is least processed and thus, is a great anti oxidant for those who consume it regularly.
  3. Lemon tea is just an addition of lemon juice to hot or cold tea that has been prepared.
  4.  Addition of lemon juice makes the tea antiseptic, in addition to all the health benefits of tea.

In the end, I still prefer coffee, just kidding. Coffee is also an antioxidant! Haha~

Now had you realized why do Chinese, Koreans and Japanese have better complexion and shape? And don’t forget about their tea ceremony!

It will not kill you if you add tea on your menu every after meal, right? I always make it a habit to drink at least two cups every day. A dedication is needed to obtain all the health benefits stated above.



5 thoughts on “Green Tea vs Lemon Tea

  1. Kushal Desai

    I read this somewhere quoting the same “I have finally realised that “only way” to lose weight from green tea is, if you go to the mountain and pick it yourself…


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