December Playlist

It’s music mayhey. I was able to download music but haven’t listen to them yet. kkk~ But lately, I’ve been listening to the cover songs made for Superstar K 4 and shall I say, this entry is a.k.a. Superstar K 4 Playlist. I can’t explain why do cover songs are better than the original. Well, an exception to some.

If you love K-pop, this what music means. 😀


1. Becoming Dust by Roy Kim and Jung Jun Young

2. My Son by Yoo Seung Woo

3. Waiting Everyday by Jung Jun Young

4. Passion by Yoo Seung Woo

5. Whistle by Roy Kim

6. Blue Frog by Roy Kim

7. Old Friend by Honey G.

8. Emergency Room by Jung Jun Young

9. Muzik by Dick punks


Obviously, I am biased towards Roy Kim and Jung Jun Young. However, congratulations to Roy Kim for winning the fourth season of Superstar K.


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