All About Soulights

I can’t believe this band is sooo underrated in Korea! Thanks again to Superstar K 4, the band had auditioned for this season and I think they got eliminated during the Superweek. That’s the latest that I had read in Daum. I just can’t believe it.

If you’re tired of listening to those typical K-pop, you must listen to this contemporary RnB music, the other side of Korean music. Let’s compare them to an OPM band, Freestyle. And if I am not mistaken, they usually sing along Hongdae. Then, if you’re going to Korea, it’s a must go place. When I watched them in the show, I immediately fell in love with the vocalist’s voice. It’s strong yet soothing but I think their former front was better. Kkkk~

Soulights was formed around 2008 and they already released two albums, Seoulites and Seoulitude. Due to my persistent searching, I found them in facebook, twitter and youtube!

I even received a reply when I tweeted them. 😀 Sohn Chang-hak is th composer of the band and keyboardist.

I don’t want to rate their albums by number but with words. Awesome, great. Haha! You’ll never get tired of listening to the songs. If I am not mistaken, the songs are available in iTunes, if not, you have to buy it online in Korea or better, daum. But while you don’t have a copy, might as well check their youtube.

Must Listen: City Night, I’m Alright, So High


One thought on “All About Soulights

  1. happy coffee mornings

    I hate how bands/artists/performers like them are so underrated in Korea, really. Their music is quality! There are loads of indies in Korea but I honestly think that the media sort of brainwashed the whole country. Props to everyone appreciating each and every one of them.


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