Sweet Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I thought I’ll be able to spend Christmas at home, after being away but sadly not. My sister had been hospitalized yesterday afternoon and I am tasked to stay with her til this morning. What a great timing, isn’t it? But it’s better than in New Year.

These past few weeks, I was also busy. And this weekend, I met up with my friends and had an overnight stay with them in Fajardo’s Beach Resort and Sir Mark’s home for Christmas!

Anyway, thanks Sir Mark for this wonderful watch that I had added in my watch collection.

ferrari watch

And… thanks Mam Glecy for this pink Dubai bag. It’s so cute!!

dubai bag

I used both right away. kkk¬

To kill time, my sis and I took photos in webcam. My face is swollen again. My gums are sore due to my lack of Vitamin C these past few weeks. Boo.. I do hope it’ll lessen before the 28th for my cousin’s wedding.

Picture 105

Picture 104


One thought on “Sweet Christmas!

  1. Michelle

    Hi Bea! Merry Christmas to you and your family! I hope your sister gets well soon. Having you as her personal nurse would definitely speed up her recovery. 🙂


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