Noodle House and Ihaw Ihaw

Everytime I visit my hometown, I always make sure that I get to see my friends before leaving. Kahit wala ng pera. Kkk~  Last visit,  I wasn’t prepared because I have to go home all of a sudden.  And this time, we went into our favorite stall, Noodle House. I actually don’t eat here because they are processed. I let this one pass because I so missed my friends!
 As usual, I’m not in the photo because I am again taking the photos.





 The next day, napilitan akong umalis kasi ang mga kasama ko hindi ko pa nakakasama for the past few months. I was already packing my things and watching the recap of Superstar K 4. Hahaha~ And when I said hindi ako kakain, napakain naman ako. Tsk. Anyway, it’s ok. Minsanan lang naman. Pfft. Hahaha~
And again, pictures without meeee~

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