Vegetable Soup Recipe

I think I should create my very own recipe book. Kkkk~ Anyway, I created another simple, vegetarian dish. I am almost turning vegetarian but there are times that I cannot  just give up meat. And my coconut shell was working, why don’t I title my book as “Lazy Man’s Recipe”? hahaha! Because most of the recipes I made are really easy. Anyway, if you tried this recipe, do tell me your reaction. I would appreciate it.

vegetable soup


Vegetable Soup


150 grams – mashed potato

100 grams – cabbage

1 liter water

Cream of mushroom

1 small onion, sliced thinly

4 pieces baby potatoes

Dash of pepper



  1. Bring to boil half liter of water, add onion then cabbage. Let it boil until the cabbage is cooked.
  2. Dissolve cream of mushroom in ¼ cup of water then add.
  3. Add the remaining water, dash of pepper and mashed potato, then later the baby potatoes.

Then serve.

Thanks to my sis for taking the photo. 😀

On the side note, it’s so sad that I wasn’t able to attend again the 4th Philippine K-pop Convention and that was due to some unexpected appointment. And I wasn’t able to follow. *sigh* Maybe, just maybe, two years ago was the only time God gave me an opportunity to attend. Anyway, I won’t die. Kkk~

Happy new year, in advance guys!


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