The Random 25

Oh, I’ve been tagged by Gilbert. Thank you! But actually, I don’t know what to write. hahaha¬ Let’s see what I’ll be able to write….

random 25


once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note, with 25 list of anything random about you. It can be a fact, a habit, a goal, or just anything else under the sun. Next, tag 5 people you want to know more, plus the person who tagged you.

Here’s mine….

1. I listen to K-pop but I am a die hard fan of BoA for almost 10 years and TVXQ for 9 years already.

2. My dream job is not to be a nurse, but as an office girl. XD

3. I’ve been blogging since 2006 and this time, I promise to keep this blog.

4. I’m a coffeeholic.

5. I’m a camwhore.

Whew¬ 20 to go…

6. I’m almost turning to be a vegetarian but there are times I can’t give up meat.

7. I’d love to travel. Hopefully it’ll happen this 2013.

8. I love PINK! So girly. hahaha!

9. I know how to speak very, very little Korean. I self studied years back but I cannot focus lately due to some personal reasons. But I’ll study again once I have lots of free time.

10. I like writing random things.

11. I have an obsession on cute notebooks and pens.

12. No boyfriend since birth. So what? I love being single!!!

13.  I can’t leave home without bringing money. kkk¬

14. I love my friends! I think they’re lucky enough to have me. kkk¬

15. Frustration: Shoes!!! I sooo hate to have a shoe size 11. T.T

16.  I do crochet, but I’m not yet a expert.

17. Business minded. I want to start a business after few years and retire before the age of 50. Lazy, eh?!

18. I have so many frustrations in life and that includes I’m a frustrated cook and photographer.

19. I wanna visit Korea and meet my friends.

20.  I have a Type A personality. As in, super duper.

21. A laptop and an internet connection is what I need to say goodbye to boredomness.

22. I am never a fashionista.

23. I hate heels!!! They’re killing my feet.

24. The Korean drama Reply 1997 reminds me so much of my fan girling days. If Siwon wants to be Mrs. Tony, then I was day dreaming to become Mrs. Jung Yunho. hahaha!

25. I’m accident prone that’s why I have a Red Cross Accident Insurance. hahaha!!!

Thanks Gilbert for tagging me. However, for the next 5 persons I am to tag, I’d rather not include anything. kkk¬ the obvious. XD…

Happy new year, guys!!


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