Paradela – Bustamante Nuptial

I know my cousin‘s wedding happened late last year and only today, I am able to share this. There were mishaps happened but the event is more important.

And I’ll be telling an important news soon. 🙂

Thanks to my tita for the photos anyway.

Here are the newlywed couple after the church ceremony.



Release of the balloons. Me wants ’em. XD


The motif of their wedding is Sakura (cherry blossoms).And the reason they chose it, my couz goes back and forth in Japan. Lucky,eh?

The wedding cake that costs thousands when actually it only had three layers of real cake. And the rest? Styrofor under fondant icings. The cake tastes good. I like the yema filling between the chocolate cake. The cake was ordered from Sweet Indulgence.


They also have choco pops in a rose theme. Kami lang naman pumapak nyan. Haha


And thanks again to my tita for my best shot. And for the effort of wearing three inches killer heels.


Right after the wedding we proceeded to our lola‘s home just behind the hotel and had a goodie time playing iPad owned by our cousins. Sila lang ang mayaman. haha.

And the random photos in the church.Imageh.ImageImage


And a photo with my  cousin a day before the wedding. I just came from Casa that day with my friends.



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