Fresh Mango Juice

I finally made my own version of Green Mango Juice. Supposedly, it’s a shake but somehow I failed to create one. And I don’t know why!! T.T

It’s already rainy season but our mangoes sprouted just lately. Mango is my favorite fruit especially if it’s sour and picked freshly from the tree. It is rich in vitamins and fiber! The fruit shake that we ordered in Anvaya Cove inspired me to create one at home.



– 1 cup of green mango, sliced into cube.

– Crushed ice

– 4 tbsp sugar

– ½ cup of water

  1. Combine green mango and water, process until smooth.
  2. Pour in sugar and crushed ice. Blend well

Voila! You’re done!

You can replace sugar with two sachets of splenda. A sachet is equivalent to two tablespoon of sugar or you may add so, depending on how sweet you want your juice.

I believe our mangoes are organic because we did not use any insecticide or fertilizer. We just let the tree to overflow with fruits. Oh, next time, I want to try making ripe mango shake. I should make it a smoothie. Hahaha~



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