Dreams and Reality

I know, I was not posting a decent entry since last month I guess. Everything was rush and *coughs* reposted. Anyway, I was about to leave the country this month but due to some delays and problems, I decided to back out. Where? In Dubai. I am to baby sit an infant for a year. However, I realized, I’m a registered nurse. I have an experience. I am already applying in different agencies. And I have a dream to become HAAD-RN, why should I miss the opportunity to review and take the exam again? I only lack the exam and why should I delay it? Aside from that, I want to settle for a long term job. Unlike baby sitting, I have a job for a year and what’ll happen next? Apply for a new job at magpakahirap. Kung magpapakahirap lang sa paghahanap ng trabaho, isahan na lang. And all I can say, I already embraced the fact that I’m a nurse period.


I’m sorry to my parents if I can’t leave soon. I’m sorry to my aunt if I can’t buy you a Louis Vuitton bag yet. But I promise I’ll buy you a very nice LV bag. 😀


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