Of Review and etc

Ola! I am always busy, I know. I am reviewing for an exam that I’m hoping to pass. Di ko na alam gagawin ko if I fail again. It was my first time failing for an exam and I already spent so much money. Money is not an issue. Mababawi ko rin yan. The first week of review is superb! Di ako nagkamali. Though there were some topics that were not tackled but I have an advantage how the exam will look like. 

Lately I’m quite active in instagram and twitter because of you know ’em already, TVXQ and JYJ. haha~ Fan girling na naman. 



Haggardness. First day of class. I arrived home at 9 in the evening. It was super traffic! I’m just I always came home SAFE!


Chi-Chi taking a break with me. 😀


Thanks to Ate Pam, my classmate for this milk tea. 😀


And also for this siomai. I didn’t expect it. Really. 😀


I’m currently studying Maternal Health with all those questions and purple pen!!

I’m just taking a short break. I was studying before lunch til now. I did my laundry this morning. Phew~

And I forgot to tell you, I also got a chance to work in Japan. Remember I passed a resume in a Retirement Village? I passed and I will start next month for the Nihonggo Class.  But, I prefer to work in Abu Dhabi instead.


3 thoughts on “Of Review and etc

  1. gilbert

    hi bea. thanks 🙂 yun nga ee HAAD daw mag take. pero xempre kailangan ko din muna ipractice d2. since di naman yun yung work ko ngayon kaya na ffrustrate ako ee alam mo yun O_O. well planning to practice it na soon.pero kailangan pa din ng sure na may papasukan if ever *backet Y_Y anyway may japan ka pla hehe nice country din yun mukang masaya nga din sa japan ah. good thing at nakapasa ka sa screening. haha well goodluck din ah.


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