After two trials, thank goodness I passed the foreign licensure exam for nurses, Health Authority Abu Dhabi or HAAD-RN. I thought I’m gotta fail again because the questions are soooooo hard. Well, the questions are seems easy but you’ll never know what will be the answer. So, to those who’ll take HAAD, I suggest you read, read and read. If you can enroll in a review center, go for it. It’s a big help.

I swear!!! I look soooo stupid when I opened the result. I can’t stop smiling! Who won’t when it’s already my second time.

It’s just sad that I won’t be able to celebrate this with my father. But I know, he’s very happy that I passed. And I know, he helped me pass this exam. I dedicate this sucess to my late father and to our patron saint, Saint Joseph.

Dear Saint Joseph, I did not forget my promise to you. 😀



18 thoughts on “P-A-S-S-E-D

  1. pinkyNurse

    Been scanning the posts above… welll please help me pray. I will be taking my examination soonest… i waited my dataflow for 4months time (it took my patience to be exercised) Until now all the slots are fully booked but hopefuly i could find my seat. I prepared my self by reading the saunders comprehensive review 5th edition, cy untalan book, mosbys 20th edition, and an app in my android phone… really praying for a positive fruit to harvest

  2. arlene hernandez

    hi congrats!can u pls send me also some topics?plssss….im tking haad exam also,anu bng buk ung snsbi mong ky gapuz?here is my add avp_930@yahoo.com…thank u so much,sna i can mke it also..God blee you.

  3. karen kathleen mercado

    hello,i just wana ask if same set of questions din binigay sayo?can you give me some advise too?i took took the exam last july 30 but i failed the exam and il take it again this oct,,,please???thank you! =)) here’s my eadd karenkathleenmercado@ymail.com

  4. supernurse

    hi there! its jenelynsayno@gmail.com thanks:) I’ll do my best on y 2nd tym in God’s will ^_^ so ur now processing ur data flow? Actually Im here in KSA nd i did the exam here…. Hopfully next tym i cud get it na coz i need to process everyting:) I believe ur from bataan also?

    1. Beyaaaa Post author

      hi, sorry for the late reply.. the usual topics are DM, Cholecystitis, craniotomy, potassium, ace inhibitors, etc. but hey, i suggest you read RA Gapuz Book for foreign exam. HAAD Exam is objective type. you’ll never know what topics will be on your exam. i took the exam twice and the topics were not same. ca you give me your email? if i have time i’ll send you an email. 😀

      1. supernurse

        hi there beyaaa! i took also the haad exam just this month and sadly i failed,, maybe its not the right time yet… Can u send me some topics when u took the exam.. im planning to take again this September,.,, thanks!

      2. Beyaaaa Post author

        can you share me your email here? thanks. i also took the exam twice. i believe di naman ako ipinasa ni Lord kung hindi para sa UAE. 😀

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