Cam Whoring And Etc

Obviously last month, I had a hectic schedule even until now. I always forgot to share these photos that was kept in my phone. Sorry for the poor quality. My phone’s shutter is soooo loud, no kidding, I have to download an application so there’s no freakin’ shutter to take a photo. And here are the long pile of photos!!!


Guess where was this taken!!! hahahaha!!!

IMG_20130327_084524 IMG_20130327_084447IMG_20130327_084430

Super busy day in Bataan.

IMG_20130410_180453 IMG_20130410_180424 IMG_20130410_175106

Cam whoring with that fake glass. I sooo love that glass. hahaha!

1364809234700 1364881199159

Buko Pandan shake from Max’s and American California Maki from Tokyo Tokyo.


Hey guys, do you still remember Chi-Chi?

1365668516605 1365668508615

1365668494480 1365668487372

1365668484017 1365668438008

And the rest of the photos were taken yesterday in Glorietta.


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