When Everyone’s Busy

I bet nobody missed me. LOL! Obviously, I’ve been busy with work and I have to go home to prepare for my dad’s 40 days which was an hour ago.plus job hunting! I am so thankful for my acquaintance for the job referral. She passed the exam few months ago before I did.

Anyway, I was in a bad mood the other day because my 32 GB memory card got corrupted for the second time around. T.T I have no back up files too! Well, I was on my way to make some but then pooft~ I need to reformat it. Boo, my nursing lectures files were also gone. I totally need ’em! It means I have to return to RAGRC to get another copy, if I want. And my niece’s photos were gone. *sigh*

I only able to retrieve these photos….



My crocheted cherries. haha~


Coffee time!!


Failed coffee flip top in Jollibee. Swear it’s a failure in Bataan branch.


A glimpse of National Museum in Manila


Super mini carrot cup cake from Kuya Jaja and Ate Jenie’s wedding.


Selca before the wedding of my cousin [Kuya Jaja] in The Village Inn Cabanatuan City.



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