Family Outing

I am quite disappointed with my new camera. It was my first time to use it and then pooofft¬  all the photos were gone. IDK what happened. T.T

Summer is almost done. My relatives went to our hometown for this unusual outing. We seldom do it. 😄

I’ll just use my sis’ camera for today’s photos. 😄 That small cam is such a killer. 😄



Here’s my younger sis and our 8 month old Sam. She’s our older sis’ daughter.




Together with my cousins. It was fun filled hot afternoon. LOL


It’s me and my niece, Saatchi.


And me, looking stupid. hahaha¬

That’s all for today, LOL. Gotta go job hunting for a while. 😀 And I need some inspirations for this blog. T.T


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