Family Outing

I am quite disappointed with my new camera. It was my first time to use it and then pooofft¬  all the photos were gone. IDK what happened. T.T

Summer is almost done. My relatives went to our hometown for this unusual outing. We seldom do it. XD

I’ll just use my sis’ camera for today’s photos. XD That small cam is such a killer. XD



Here’s my younger sis and our 8 month old Sam. She’s our older sis’ daughter.




Together with my cousins. It was fun filled hot afternoon. LOL


It’s me and my niece, Saatchi.


And me, looking stupid. hahaha¬

That’s all for today, LOL. Gotta go job hunting for a while. 😀 And I need some inspirations for this blog. T.T


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