Bulgogi Brothers in Harbor Point

I invited my mom to eat in this Korean Restaurant for a lunch that is something she haven’t tried yet. She can’t decide where to eat so she said yes.





Another reason, I read a review about this restaurant that’s why I want to give this a shot.

So for our lunch, we had Korean beef aka Bulogi with six side dishes and Haemul Bibimbap. Nothing is to be explained for Bulgogi. The side dishes they served were quail eggs, anchovies, corn, kangkong and three classes of kimchi. They were served in small plates but nothing to worry, except for corn, the side dishes were refillable. Don’t hesitate to ask for more.





For our bibimbap, the staff helped us choose what to order. She suggested Haemul Bibimbap for a seafood experience. And besides, we already have beef.


I wasn’t able to take a photo of bibimbap because the staff immediately mixed ’em.

We just had lemon tea for our drinks.2013-07-02-17-44-39_deco


Oh, they also served us the tea of the day which was Barley Tea or Bori Cha. It tastes really good that I almost consumed it.



And the bill of the day, dandanananan~ It’s a bit expensive but our tummy were saved from hunger. XD They also played Kpop songs throughout the day which makes me go ^______^

Here’s my mom after enjoying our lunch. I wasn’t in the mood to take a photo because of haggardness.  XD


Bulgogi Brothers is located along Promenade in Harbor Point, just across Barrio Fiesta.


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