Weekend Food Journey in Discovery Suites

Day one in Discovery Suites.

This is a once in a blue moon celebration. We celebrated our grannie’s birthday in Manila. It was a long celebration. Usually, we only had simple celebration back in Bataan.

Accompanying my grannie, I also had a lot of fun. I also made this an opportunity to write reviews and more gala! Of course I was able to bond with my relatives.

Starting the day, we first celebrated in Tito Nolan’s home in Q.C. with lots of Pinoy foods. From Lechon, chicken relleno made by Tita Mayette with oh so delicious gravy, alimango freshly bought in Bataan, pansit for long life and loooots of cake!

Side note. I totally need to get out of my shell. I’m still shy about my blogging hobbies. I wasn’t able to take good photos.

It was fun-filled day. But that’s not all. Kz, Kedz and Tito Nolan serenaded everyone with their amazing talents.


Kz and Kedz in da haus

And a surprise guest… Jay Manalo. I had no idea he’s a friend of Tita.

And now, the second part… dum~dum~dum~ in Discovery Suites, a five star hotel located in Ortigas. We checked in at the largest room (I guess), the Admiral Suite. And more surprise guest, Martin Nievera, grannie’s fave. Gab also followed in the suite.


My tummie  was filled with more salad, baked pastries, salmon and lots of strawberries and grapes dipped in whipped cream. So yummy but oh~ the calories! XD




A cake given by the hotel.


Front desk with that cute guy 🙂

We settled in bed at around midnight. It was so tiring!

And the next day, we had a super breakfast buffet. Because it was weekend, they served Filipino dishes. I wasn’t able to take a photo, as usual.


Starting the day with coffee

I tried pasta aglio oglio. I was disappointed because it was dry. I had fried rice and longganisa, lentil caldereta that I’m dying to try again, no pork hash brown, samosa with pickled cucumber and the vegetarian pizza which was a winner. I also had a small cup of arrozcaldo and lots of fresh mango shake that I totally loved. Thanks to Ms. Gemma, who manages the hotel, we were well-served. The breakfast buffet was a winner. Two-thumbs up.

I had decided to separate all posts because it’s a bit long. And the post in The Metropolitan Club coming up soon!

Au Revoir!


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