Weekend Food Journey in The Strip and Spätze

I had decided to combine the post for our dinner in The Strip and Spätze at Shangri-la Plaza.

Ok, a few hours aftet lunch and desert, here we go for the dinner in The Strip, located on the fifth floor of Shangri-la Plaza.


The Strip

We had an oh so yummy 21 oz (as what I had heard) super thick steak with lots of dishes such mashed potato, spinach, onion rings. We also had a squid stuffed with mozzarella cheese as an appetizer. It was a winner. I want to try that again. We also had pesto. It was so heavy and I was already full I wasn’t able to enjoy much. But really, the pesto tastes good.


Steak with too much peppercorn gravy


Pesto and biiiig onion ring




Squid with mozarrela cheese on the inside. *yum*

After that heavy dinner, we moved to Spätze, just beside Ramen Shop, a restaurant away from The Strip. We had coffee and lots of spazzing.

And yes, Tita Joy gave me a gift. A bag from Pacsafe. I sooo love it.




Greetings from Spätze! Bonne Nuit!


The kitchen~


Yummy cappucino

I had cappucino ordered from Spätze. It reminds me of Caramel Macchiato when it comes to design. It was topped with cinnamon sprinkles. I also tasted Frozen Brazo de Mercedes courtesy of Nalo but I wasn’t able to take a photo. Really, it tastes sooo good. Better than the one that is not frozen.

And our day ended in Resort’s World’s Casino ending up losing 500. *sigh* But I swear, no more gambling.

Funny, I had to show my ID to make sure I am of legal age. Dang~ Do I look so young? Lol.


Hoho~ casino~


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