Food Journey: Potato Pancake

Hooray! I just cooked my first Korean dish which is really easy and the ingredients can easily be found on your kitchen. It’s Potato Pancake or Gahmja Jeon. I stumbled upon this blog, BAP STORY, that was full of Korean recipes and I decided to try the recipe with the easiest ingredient I can find. Whew~I’m glad that I can finally use the chili powder I bought in the grocery a few days ago.


Tada~I guess it’s not bad. XD As for the dipping, I didn’t use the one that was stated on the post but instead, I used chili powder that I had mentioned above, soy sauce, sesame oil and sesame seeds. I still have to adjust the flavor as it was very spicy that my family members can’t tolerate me. I’m the only one who can tolerate very spicy food. kkk~

With this little knowledge on Korean food, I can start cooking slash invent new food. And in replacement of gochujang, I can use chili powder instead. But of course, it’ll be better if I use gochujang.

Have a nice day



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