Ending The Year With Lunafly

IMG_20131229_082823-pola IMG_20131228_170719-pola IMG_20131228_164309-pola IMG_20131228_163745-pola IMG_20131228_163729-pola IMG_20131228_163042-pola

I just attended the 5th Philippine Kpop Convention last December 28, Saturday, and the experience was like so-so. It wasfun because of Lunafly but we’re so disappointed because of the line. It was so disorganized.  It was my second time attending and probably my last. I just want to see my friends, actually.  I watched Lunafly with Allaine. And we waited six hours before we were able to enter the venue. It was nice to listen to Lunafly live and of course to see them. I will not forget Teo’s “Salamat po!” Live or not, their voices are the same. ^_^

It’s a great experience after all. We didn’t even finish the program because both of us, (Allaine), wanted to have some coffee and we’re both damn tired. And I don’t want to fall in line again for six hours. =.=

December, 2013

1-6 {SMX Convention, Pasay City


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