Almost Ready


bag2*coughs* I’m almost done packing my things! I feel that 30 kilos for the luggage is not enough for me. Boo. There are still so many things to do. We still have to go to our lawyer to get a so-called “Special Power of Attorney” for my signature. I thought I won’t need that but my mom and aunt insisted that it is very important.

The funny thing about my luggage, it was the last stock and it’s purple again!! It  wasn’t even my favorite color. And I might change my hand carry. My aunt gave me that little trolly. I hope it’s not that heavy or else, I’m gotta change it to another bag. My Montblanc! yay!

And another funny thing about my bag…


That bag costs the same as my luggage bag. I’m just thankful it’s a gift.

Way to gooo~

Have a great day!


One thought on “Almost Ready

  1. imee

    hi beyaaa,
    i was browsing to google abt Haad/Dataflow Haad. i happen to see your blog & i want to ask some few questions abt this, if it’s ok. how did you process the dataflow? to be honest w/ you, im having a hard time moving on to the nxt question/s of this dataflow. do u know any agency that can assist me in this dataflow? i wanted to finish this dataflow alrdy so i can focus on reviewing. pls…pls help me. hope to hear fr u soon. thank you very much

    can u send me also the topics? thanks again


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