The taste of Arabic






My colleagues and I had decided to go on food trip after work and here we are, eating shawarma and my diet was forgotten.

Sorry for a very late post. It’s a yay for my first month here in Al Ain. I’ve been very busy with work. And not forgetting the one day off and I’m spending it doing household chores, weekly coffee meeting with my friend. And oh, I’m so glad there’s a Catholic Church in the area. I told my colleague that even if we can’t go to church weekly, at least once a month is fine.

Later, I’ll be going to Wahat Hili Mall. I’ll meet my cousin there. I’m so excited to see them.

Inshalla! Another Arabic word that I learned from my friend. ^^


4 thoughts on “The taste of Arabic

  1. Nancy

    Shawarma is so delicious! What kind of filling/meat did you have? I tasted lamb shawarma the other week and it was so good :3.

    It sounds like you’re getting hang of the every day life over there! Going to church at least once a month still sounds good because you’re keeping your spiritual practices up. Hope you’re still having fun over there and take care!

    1. Beyaaaa Post author

      It was chicken. I was rooting for beef but they ran out of stock. They have different ways of preparing shawarma. Each place are different.

      Well, everyday is a routine but it’s ok because time will pass quickly. :))


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