Nando’s and Billiards

When suddenly your scheduled changed and your colleagues decided to go on food trip, what will you do? Gooooo~ We’re just planning to go to this place that we called “Secret Garden” because I’m on a tight budget but suddenly he asked me if I want sushi. Ya’ll know it’s my weakness but one of us doesn’t eat so we dropped the idea of it and changed to Nando’s. image Nando’s is a Portuguese restaurant that serves grilled chicken and they have their own special sauces from mild to super hot.  We ordered grilled chicken and espetada and it’s heaven! The chicken is just right. image It was so heartiful. Haha! And J treated us with dip n dip fondant chocolate!! imageAnd we decided to play billiards. Oh dear, When was the last time I tried this game and it was a flop. But thankfully I was able to follow.   And here we are! imageimage


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