Sleepless Day Off

Ramadan Kareem!

It’s almost ramadan and we’re waiting for new moon to come. It’s either tomorrow or the other day the start of ramadan.


Breakfast: slim a soup minestrone

Lunch: Bopis and Chicken sisig and white rice from Fiesta Pinoy in Bawadi Mall

Snack: donut and cappucino from Krispy Kreme, together with friends.

Dinner: donut and green tea

From an overnight stay to a friend’s house and went home at 8 in the morning then went to church at 9 then went straight to Bawadi Mall, phew that’s really sleepless. We accompanied one of our friend to buy a new watch and check on some sale. Oh, I got one long skirt! I’m so excited to wear it one time. I’m planning to use it when I go to Dubai for my friend’s birthday.




Gaaah~ I’m so sleepy now. Inshallah that everything will be ok. Oh, I must not forget that we should not eat or drink in front of Moslems.


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