Post Work Out


I just finished my day six/seven of insanity work out. I had to skip for a week after my tooth extraction but I’m now back again. It was recovery week so I combined day six and seven. Though there are some exercises that I can’t do much especially push ups, but I am trying.

It’s day off but I have to go to Abu Dhabi to get my things from my cousin. I want to come back home early. Boo…

Happy weekend! And hopefully no sand storm. XD


2 thoughts on “Post Work Out

  1. Cassie

    How’s insanity going? You seem to be sticking to it. And coming back to it after a pause because of your extraction. I don’t think I would ever do that. I would use the extraction as an excuse and then forget about working out permanently. It’s one of my goals to complete that workout plan before I turn 25, but I haven’t gotten to it. I find it difficult to exercise at all. I’m much too busy laying in bed.

    1. Beyaaaa Post author

      So far so good, though i stopped again in a few days but i was able to recover. Motivation is needed. I was a couch potato before but I don’t want to return to my previous weight.


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