And It Rained



It’s the third time since last month that it rained. And I don’t know if I’ll be happy or sad. I lived in a place where rain don’t come, only lately. And back in my home country, it rains half of the year. And I do hope that’s the sign of weather changes. Inshallah.

And I read a news that Apple stopped their production of iPod Classic. Fudge. I’ll buy one on Thursday and hopefully I can get one.


5 thoughts on “And It Rained

  1. abdelhaytali

    Rain is a symbol of happiness, though some may feel sad when it’s raining, I think it’s just because most of the funny stuff we do, it’s during sunrise times, that’s why without really knowing why, somehow we feel down.

  2. Sara

    It rains a lot where ever I am, in London, in Singapore and Malaysia.

    In London, rain is unpredictable. It can rain for 10 seconds, become sunny, and then rain again a minute later for about 30 seconds.

    In S.E. Asia as you and I know, it’s the heavy monsoon months I think! But I love rain because I love the feeling of staying at home and feeling all cuddly infront of the TV! 😀

  3. Nancy

    Hopefully the rain won’t stop you from what you need to do! Where I live, it rarely rains and we’re in a heavy drought right now *o*. Please do send some rain towards California if you ever get tired of the rain :P.

    Good luck with getting the Classic!



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