When There’s More Work At Home


Hooray~ Starting on October 8, I will assist our Oral and MaxilloFacial Surgeon so I am rushing my training. He’s the only one in our hospital so Iam expecting more workload and I’ll get exposure in Operating Room. And I am so excited about it but totally nervous. I told Doctor V to be patient with me because I only have few days of training. I am hoping I won’t get any mistakes. The last time I went inside OR was during my college years and I feel like studying again.

Funny, when I am trying to give up my RN status and change it to DN status, Lord is bringing me back to where I should be. I’m so thankful. I’m loving my job now. Not that I don’t like my job back in my home country as a ward nurse, but I’m loving this more.

I’ll do well. Fighting!


6 thoughts on “When There’s More Work At Home

  1. Amanda

    Good luck! I hope everything’s going well now 🙂 I’ve learned that although training is great and gets you prepared, actually doing things will give you better experiences.

  2. nicolejeanette

    Good luck with everything! I would probably be so nervous and excited at the same time. There’s nothing more satisfying than loving what you do, so I’m definitely glad you enjoy your job 🙂


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