Adventure in Dubai

I was checking out my photos in my iPad and I realized I haven’t completed my post about my Dubai adventure. Well, disregarding the day two weeks ago when I went to Gitex with my friends and got my new babies.


We went to Souq Madinat first thing in the morning and almost there’s no people yet. So, enjoying the view in the place is great. And you can see Burj Al Arab clearer and nice.We also went to “The Palm” and it was such a looong drive. However, I love my back drop of Burj Al Arab.


And last stop before mall hopping was Dubai Museum. For only 3 Dirhams each, you can now see the history of Dubai.

Thanks to my cousins for touring me. The two days off was worth it.


6 thoughts on “Adventure in Dubai

  1. Holly

    Beautiful photos! I’d love to visit some day. I’d particularly like to visit the palm island thing. I know it’s man-made but it looks incredible.

    1. Beyaaaa Post author

      thanks! you’ll never know you’re in the palm island unless you saw the sign. it’s more of resorts and properties. you’ll appreciate the beauty of palm island in aerial view. 😀

  2. trellablanco

    Dubai! Definitely on my list of places that I must go to. You’re lucky to have your cousins to show you around. I think it’s best to have someone who lives there or who knows the place to give a grand tour. I’d definitely be lost on my own with so many things to do and places to see. Judging from your pictures, I would most definitely agree that taking the days off was worth it. =)

      1. Beyaaaa Post author

        no probs.. my stay there was so short. two days is not enough! though dubai is a small city, there are many places to go to. it’s worth it and it’s almost winter, it’s easy and more comfortable to roam around

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