A Year in Review

I can’t believe 2014 will end in less than twenty four hours. Another year had passed with so much things happened. I won’t say this is the best year nor the worst because everything has its own reasons.

There’ll be lot of photos… I warned you.. haha~

wpid-2014-01-17-06-25-15-1 wpid-img_20140212_161614 wpid-img_20140301_222521 wpid-img_33212759617129

Back to my home country, I always ignore Jollibee and now I can say that I totally missed it! I can’t wait to go home and eat the oh so precious the chicken that makes you happy, chicken joy!  And from arriving my new life as an expat. whew~ I’m still surviving! I won’t forget our first dinner, chicken fried rice and our ruined body clock. Oh~ I already tried the McDonald’s sandwich that can only be found here, McArabia.

wpid-img_20140228_142331 wpid-img_77675174215668 wpid-140031900585820140806-011659-4619658 20140730-104357-38637133

And yeah, the first coffee with my coffee buddy who is now back in our home country, a meet up with one of our best buds who is currently in Dubai and first road trip with one new friend. I finally saw the oh so famous Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab

img_0870 dsc_0102

And meeting these new friends is one of the good things happened.  I hope 2015 will also be a good year to me and hopefully, a heart mate for me soon.

How about you, how’s your 2014?



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