Hello 2015

bbbbStarting the post with this obligatory hashtag selfie of the new year. How was your new year guys? I spent my new year with my cousins in Abu Dhabi rather than going to Dubai with my friends to see the fireworks. Surely going out with friends was fun but we always see each other everyday that’s why I chose to go with my relatives. Anyway, new year here was soooooo different. There was no fireworks and it feels like an ordinary day. (Of course making an exemption to Dubai.) I just called home and I can hear fireworks lit and them making noises. Oh I somehow miss home.

IMG_20150101_000333Well, you know, I really don’t drink at all. My cousin just gave it to me. I had no choice!! I was forcing to consume this while watching the fireworks on livestream. teehee~

DSC_0349 DSC_0352Actually, I went to Dubai with my other cousin and had dinner there and went back to Al Ain which was almost a disaster. Look at my niece, taking a selfie with DSLR. haha~

DSC_0354And I feel so grateful for Dr. V. I went this morning in our department to check on some files and I saw this.I hope 2015 will be another great year for me.



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