One Day in Khor Fakkan


Processed with VSCOcam with kk1 preset


Eid Mubarak! Eid is one of the most celebrated holidays in all Gulf countries and the longest. We got three! It’s also the time we can relax and spend time with families and friends. I took my off last Thursday (24/9) so I got two days off. My original plan was to go to the gym and just go for a swimming, watch a good movie afterwards. My colleague suddenly asked me about my plans so I told her. They were planning to go somewhere for a beach and she asked me to join. And because beaches are my weakness, I said yes within a minute!

Leaving at 3 am, finishing all the chores before going and getting only 2 hours of sleep, I was ready! It was a very long trip as we have to go to travel by 4 hours. We crossed Fujairah and finally Khor Fakkan! According to wikipedia, Khor Fakkan means Creek of Two Jaws, belongs to the emirate of Sharjah but surrounded  by the emirate of Fujairah. It was a public beach though. We arrived by 7 am and not much people were around. It was a perfect timing for photos and for a morning walk. We had a boat ride and found an untouched place. It was very clean and you can see the corals. It was a great day for us. We eat, walk and sleep. And by after lunch, we went back to Al Ain. One down for the seven emirates. Oh, three down. Dubai and Abu Dhabi counts in.



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