How To Say Goodbye?


desert saari

We always say time flies so quickly. Here we go again, the year is coming to an end. Another year to remember and another to celebrate.

My 2015 was a whirlwind. Good things happened and so the bad. But I am always thankful to God for everything, whether it is good or bad. I was a pessimistic person but I always think that something good will happen and worry will do nothing. Thinking of the times, there are tons! My friend and I celebrated our first year anniversary of working as  an expat and in a few months, we’re turning two! I had my first vacation after so long and made some reflections in my life. It was one of the meaningful moments in my life. And when I came back from vacation, I became the so-called head of OMFS department though it was the biggest challenge for me. I also finished my first JCI participation and I’m so glad it went well. I got some recognition from one of the surveyor too!  And one of the best part in my life is I had my first boyfriend (finally over with the NBSB thing), first kiss, first meaningful hug, those touches and unfortunately, first heart break. I should move on right? I always love coffee. There are times I always have a coffee date even if I am alone. I decided to withdraw  it in my everyday routine. I changed it to tea. Coffee do tastes good but it’s giving me an anxiety. Though I still have it once in a while.

Next goal for the year 2016:

I’ll do well in my work and be thankful with everything I have. Good career, nice friends, happy family but hopefully a heart mate soon. haha!

Merry Christmas and a Blissful New Year!




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