Fleeting Moments

A long day of surgery plus the heaviest day of my life, wearing the lead apron for 2 hours and I hope I’ll get used to it. A morning coffee for a whole day seminar yet my mind still wandered. A savory fruit tart to save the afternoon sleepiness. A view in my clinic’s window. The most interesting part of the room is to see the people outside and what they’re doing. Oh that night.. That night when I got that uh oh award. XD Weekend then back to work. I’m now halfway to the book I am reading and it’s getting more and more interesting. Japanese night. I ordered seafood udon in Umi Sushi with my friends. And currently on the loop, ‘Love is Timing‘ in English translation by Busker Busker with a line “I guess we were probably not meant to be.” Phew~

That’s what had happened to me in the past few weeks.




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