I Was Away and I am Back

I was gone for a month for my annual leave and I left without notice unless we have a direct contact. *snickers*

Whoops~ Enjoying a cup of coffee before my departure, enjoyed my view with the Palm Jumeirah along the window and yay, me and my sister, prevacation weight. haha! I gained weight! And they all said, it’s alright because vacations are meant to ruin your diet.

I was away and I enjoyed traveling and meeting my old good friends. I went back again to Baguio for my sister’s graduation rites and went to Ilocos with my mom and sister. And I swear, you should try going to Ilocos. Though I got sick because of the water source, but that didn’t stop from enjoying everything.

This is just a spoiler of my vacation. I’ll post them up soon, promise. ^^

P.S. I was planning to get a Diana camera or an analogue camera but I failed. 😦




3 thoughts on “I Was Away and I am Back

  1. ladymyx18

    awesome! Im happy u enjoyed your vacation, but sad hearing you got sick. We are planning of having province hoping. i just dont know when 😛 but probably, Ilocos is included. 😀 We will start from Boracay.

    1. Beyaaaa Post author

      Thanks! I can say that our country has lots of good places to visit. It’s just that we overlook on everything. enjoy your province hopping! For sure it’s worth it.


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