Baguio version 2.0

I was back again in Baguio for this year’s vacation with the same reason, for my sister’s graduation. We were in a different hotel and went to different places that I haven’t tried. We were there for five days and as if the hotel was already our second home. Haha! We’ve been here and there, eat and stroll around.

More to go~ I got tons of photos to share. haha!


As what I had mentioned, we were in Baguio for five days. We stayed in Bloomfield hotel and it was really a very good hotel. The room was spacious, we got an aircon and fridge there! Unlike from last year. The employees are nice and they’ll help you with your things and even catching a cab. They have a nice café, Patch Café. They serve good food and coffee. It’s also a walking distance going to SM and to my sister’s school. One time, I had a morning walk and went to Sunshine Park. There were students who were conducting P.E. doing traditional dances. I got a free show!  

Post graduation! My sister and I were to bored to go back to hotel so we just strolled around and had some shake in Beanstalk. It’s around Upper Session Road. It’s a good place though. ^^

Way to go~




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