Bencab Museum

We went to the most talked about museum in Baguio, Bencab Museum owned by Ben Cabrera. I would say it’s worth to go to this place though it’s quite far. I mean really far. I can’t remember how long was our travel time. We took taxi up to the market and from there, we rode a jeep going to Asin. Just ask the jeepney drivers that you’ll go there and they’ll tell you to hop in. And my sisters were right, I think it’s around 30-45 minutes ride. If you’ll take a taxi, it’ll be around 500-600 pesos,quite expensive. T.T

If you appreciate art, you must see visit this place. There are tons of artworks you can see and each section are divided so you won’t get lost. ^^ Here are some of the arts that I like and totally appreciated though there are really lots!

And after seeing the artworks, there’s a cafe at the basement, Cafe Isabel. It’s a good place to appreciate art and enjoying organic foods. Now I missed the Strawberry vinaigrette over the salad and cucumber mint shake. It’s so~ so~ good. ^^



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