Crazy New Year

Yaaaay~ Happy new year! The start of the year was very exhausting for me. The surgeries and emergencies took most of my weekend, even the eve of New Year.

So~ I just found out that it’s so great to go to the wet market to buy stuffs for cooking. You get fresh items in a cheaper price.

We get fresh fruits and fishes for the NYE.


And I’m still stuck with tons of work. We just had 5 hours of surgery plus spilled coffee after. I still survived!

My morning coffee grind. 🙂 Please excuse my super dry hands. I’ve been scrubbing for the whole week and lotion didn’t help.



2 thoughts on “Crazy New Year

  1. Kya (@up)

    Markets sell a lot of great food and it’s cool that you were able to get a lot of things at a good price. It would be hard working so much, but I am sure it is worth it. 🙂


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