Quick Journey To Qasr Al Muwaiji

I finally got a chance to get myself a “me time,” instead of going to the mall to unwind, I decided to go to the nearest museum in my place. I thought it’s gotta be a ten minutes taxi ride but it turned out really near in my place. If only it’s not scorching hot, I might just walk. haha~


So I went to Qasr Al Muwaiji, it is the home of the Al Nahyan, the leaders of UAE, it’s a very interesting place though and well renovated. Qasr means a large house, a fortress. And guess what, the entrance is free! But as a courtesy, we have to maintain the cleanliness of the area. 🙂


Now let’s start the short journey.







It’s quite small though and unfortunately, I hit my head on the door even after they made a reminder. haha! And the self-made effort to take some good shots. haha

Got some few shots using a film and they’ll be ready for I don’t know when. haha!

IMG_1692 IMG_1683


This was in their receiving area. muwaiji2



6 thoughts on “Quick Journey To Qasr Al Muwaiji

    1. Beyaaaa Post author

      The good thing about this place, they preserve the historical sites and still most of them are free of cost or very affordable. ^^ I don’t have a name yet! Hahaha!!


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