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Looking Back And Looking Forward

No year will never be great. I just can’t imagine that it’s been three years (almost!) since I was away from home celebrating Christmas and soon the New Year.

Another tons of ups and downs. I went for vacation in the middle of the year and it was awesome. I finally got to see the northern part of my country and it’s superb! Some decisions I had to make and I didn’t regret though. I feel like traveling but I have to delay it. Soon it’ll happen. Inshallah! Let’s not talk about love because nothing happened in this year. Haha! I’ll just focus on my career. Though I’m still talking to this guy for more than a year.

I’m still crossing my fingers for the next year that everything will turn out fine at most time. 😄 And thanks for everything. ^^

Before the year ends and I’m supposed to have a long weekend, but there’s a=an emergency surgery. Woohoo~

Have a great new year!

Turning Twenty Seven

Another year older. Third birthday to celebrate away from my family but with my second family. I had no plans at all but to have a long weekend. I had my very own pre-celebration in Abu Dhabi. Checked-in with my friends but I was the only one that enjoyed as they have to take some exam. Visited my cousin but unfortunately I have to see them in the hospital, my nephew was sick that time. But now he’s home!

So… It was a long day! I enjoyed the pool, the room, though they’re not that huge, the breakfast, and walking here and there. Sipped my cup of coffee in Starbucks while reading some stuffs and I swear, I had two cups and I will not try it again! I was awake until the next day.

I was back in Al Ain the next day. I just did my usual stuffs and uh oh~ phone calls from work. And the surprise starts.

I thought it was an ordinary dinner with my sister in Christ and then suddenly, I heard something that sounds like fireworks. They gave me cake and flower!


After church, I was asking myself why it was so dark. They should open the light! And when I entered, balloons are everywhere.


Ok, so I thought that’s the end.

As I prepared our dinner with all my friends, I cooked pasta and grilled chicken!, a surprise cake from my home mates. And my sisters in Christ finally realized that I just opened my eyes very wide and says “Oh” during surprises. I’m a weirdo, I know.

It’s not yet the end. We’re doing a wrap up when my so called “mommy” came out of the room with a box. Another gift.

It was an overwhelming birthday.

And a small cake from my Church family.


Thank you for all the love and surprises.

A Surprise

I thought it was just an ordinary lunch. We had lunch in Qube, a fusion of Arabic and Asian and particulary some Japanese food. We had sushi and first time I ever saw an avocado instead of mango. Anyway, it made me full. I broke my no rice rule for this week. It’s my weakness though. But I swear it’s bland.

So…. I was unaware with this surprise. We were in Dip n Dip when all the staffs suddenly sang a happy birthday. It was too early but my friend will be having an exam. Way too early but thanks a lot. ^^


I’m still a bummer in posting. Haha~ Sooo~ I just feel like posting my trip in Pagudpud, one of the three days leg Ilocos tour when I had my vacation. I can’t believe how far that place. It was a place worth to go for.

Guess what, I haven’t opened my facebook for two or three days I guess and it feels so good! There are too much negativity in there and too distractful. And this is one of the reason I’m here again. Haha! I want to deactivate it but I can’t because that’s the only way I can easily communicate with my mom. Let’s see how long I will last. ^^