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Fleeting Moments: Nando’s

Three years back when I was still new in Al Ain, we tried the chicken peri peri in Nando’s. This was during the era of pre-braces, long hair and pre-gym. 


Circle – Sushi Counter

Funny, I am on a diet but I can’t stop myself and was indulge with sushi. And after several times planning to try Circle, finally we’re there. 

It has a good ambiance though it doesn’t look like a sushi house at all. The menu is on iPad and you can clearly see how each sushi looks like. We never thought that it’s so much affordable! You can get an order as low as AED 25 and big slices. They’ll also give you a starter of bread, yogurt and olives and they’re tasty, I swear. This is a must try place. ^^ It is located in Al Ain Mall, just in the corner. ^^ And I’d love to try it again. I’ll ditch my diet for this. Haha!

Food Truck, Beer and Friends


I almost forgot about some overdue photos I have on my phone and this trip to Dubai was one of them. I forgot when was this but this was one of the recent meet ups with my friends  unfortunately, I am the only one coming from Al Ain so I have to sacrifice.Boo.

This was actually a planned trip. We decided to check out this Food Truck event in Emirates Golf Club had a bottle of beer, played around, goofing around and tried the colorful tacos from Calle Tacos. I survived that one bottle, phew.~ We didn’t stay long there as we also have other itineraries.



Easy Apple Turnover

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

It’s been sometime since I hold my baking tools. I think it was almost a year. I just felt lazy and so uninspired to bake. Even if I only have a day to take off, I still find time to do this. I guess I’m back on track with a new learnt recipe. ^^

I had decided to make an apple turnover because there were so much apples here at home and after the work out, I’m taking a piece. And besides, because they said it’s World Health’s Day (and I really have no idea even if I work in healthcare), and the hospital is giving away apples, I took some. It’s such an easy peasy recipe and the puff pastry is available at the market that made it more easier.Thanks to this Betty Crocker Apple Turnover Recipe.



Friday is Cheat Day

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It was a day for cheating. It was Friday, I went to the gym (yup, just started working out again), we went to the church and I had decided to go the mall with my friends to release some stress. lol. I had two coupons for T.G.I.F. so we just used it before 2015 ends. It was a scrumptious lunch and I’ll try not to cheat again. haha!


Christmas In The Air

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Merry Christmas! Another first in my life I’ll be celebrating this holiday without my family. I wanted to go to Abu Dhabi with my cousin but I have work. Boo~ Prolly on New Year, hopefully.

My friends visited this coffee shop in Al Ain where most locals come. It’s La Brioche located along Al Jimi district in Souq Zaafarna. I just fell in love with the ambiance! Me and my friend wanted to go back there to study. It’s a nice place to study, very cozy and less people. They have less choices of coffee but lots of choices for pastries.

Anyway, have a Merry Christmas guys and again, ’tis the season with lots and lots of love!