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Here We Go Again


The past few months was quite busy. My mom visited me for almost a month and I tried my best to take her around the country as much as I can. She enjoyed the whole stay, she was able to cook for me too! And I tried again the dune bashing this time in Al Ain. It was really good and the money was well worth it.

This year will be another year to be busy. Another JCI will happen before the year ends.

Fighting! ^^


Rainy Days

It’s been raining like crazy the past few days and also today. Thankfully I’m off and one of the reason I’m lazy to get out of the house. haha! I realized that after some years of staying abroad, you get lazy to go out. All I want to do is to rest. Most probably the pressure and the stress at work is too much these days.

So last Tuesday I was in Abu Dhabi and I’m glad Doctor V had some government work to do, I decided to take an off too and do some of my paper works. But the rain stopped me from going very early, the bus left when I arrived at the station no breakfast and damn, too much traffic jam on my way.


I finished on that day too and had decided to visit my cousin and a friend. I had my lunch with them because I was literally hungry   and then helped my niece do some of her projects. Auntie duties. haha! And when I was about to go, I just got an emergency call so I have to cut my stay in the city short. It’s one of the most stressful days in our life. But everything is well now.




I was almost there in Grand  Mosque. Unfortunately it was raining and as I had said I was really hungry so I skipped going there. And thanks to my handy dandy book, I can refresh my mind with some work stuffs while on the go.


And I got this turtle from Maldives! Thanks to Dr V for this. haha!


‘Misadventures’ in Abu Dhabi

An overdue getaway in Abu Dhabi last March. We just decided to go to the city the next day and that’s the advantage of having a car within the group. Just had dinner at Corniche and enjoyed the sunset. As we planned to go and see the Grand Mosque on our way, it seems that we took our drive too late. It was closed. We’ll try our luck next time. And that next time is still unknown.


April Is

Processed with VSCOcam with kk1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset DSC_1020New recipes to a new baby. I created a new cupcake recipe! A carrot cupcake! Thanks google for giving me sites on easy baking. I made it from scratch though. And I got myself a new baby. Canon point and shoot. I am now starting to plan my travel itinerary and I should equip myself with camera and some clothes. that’s why I got this. No regrets anyway. lol I am planning to start in Cyprus. So hopefully, my plan goes on.

Did anyone of you tried online dating? I just signed up to this paid service, eharmony and I’m hoping it’ll give me luck. I already talked to this guy but I don’t know what happened. If we’re talking about ideal guy, he’s the one. But no, it ended like an air blew to my face. Move on. I thought I found my travel buddy but it’s too soon. There are still so many fishes in the sea, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to find that one.