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Quick Journey To Qasr Al Muwaiji

I finally got a chance to get myself a “me time,” instead of going to the mall to unwind, I decided to go to the nearest museum in my place. I thought it’s gotta be a ten minutes taxi ride but it turned out really near in my place. If only it’s not scorching hot, I might just walk. haha~


So I went to Qasr Al Muwaiji, it is the home of the Al Nahyan, the leaders of UAE, it’s a very interesting place though and well renovated. Qasr means a large house, a fortress. And guess what, the entrance is free! But as a courtesy, we have to maintain the cleanliness of the area. 🙂


Now let’s start the short journey.

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Hello, It’s Tuesday!

It’s Tuesday and I was able to get out of work on time and that can happen once in a blue moon. I got some time to talk to my mom and sister back home, do some laundry, cook and read some book. Oh, let’s not forget to watch a little on youtube. Geez, I’m getting addicted to the second season of Produce 101.


And I was about to go and meet my cousin last time but due to the workload, I can’t. C’est La Vie. haha!

I was craving for some Indian food so I told my friend to have dinner in our favorite place, Silver Sands. They served the best Masala Dosa and Gobi Manchurian  I had ever tasted so far. haha! And I served myself some frozen yogurt from the grocery. I got it only for 3AED because it’ll expire in a week’s time. haha!

It’s been a not so long Tuesday.


Life Recently



So Ate Tere had invited me to go for lunch and we were just planning to go somewhere along the food court. But we saw Chili’s and they had 45 AED  lunch special so we grabbed the opportunity. But they had something more. Buy one take one on main course so we took the chance. We had fajitas, baby back ribs and bottomless strawberry and lemon iced tea. That made us totally full. It was worth it. haha! But here’s the thing. I only had few pieces of shrimp and I know I won’t get any allergies except if it’s a lobster or something else. I started to feel some paresthesia in my extremities and in my throat. I tried to take some rest but to no avail. I was having a severe allergy. Luckily I have some stock of medicines, I got myself a shot of Dexamethasone. It’s not a good thing though but better than nothing. Phew~

Lesson: Don’t eat much seafoods especially if it’s not fresh. haha!!

Well, these days are just too busy. I got some plans to go somewhere but the next day, I’m ditching as I prefer to just rest. And yes! As I mentioned in the previous post, it was Women’s day. There’s nothing much to celebrate at all but thanks for the bunch of chocolates. Calories! haha!

I hope to get some rest again. I’m not getting enough sleep these days though. T.T


And here comes the once in a blue moon “selfie.” haha~ And I am still thinking about upgrading my wp. hmmm~


P.S. Photos were just edited in snapseed. 🙂

Life During and After Overtime and Exhausment

“Show the horse where the water is. If it’s thirsty let the horse go to the water is. The lake should remain at its place.”

I am back after almost two months of unannounced hiatus. After the JCI mock survey everything became whirlwind. Left and right meeting, overtime and preparation of presentations. As the head department slash staff of OMFS, it was hard. Everything was first and as we survived, I already have an idea what will happen to the next one. Yes! We’re already anticipating it. It means tons of paper works for me.

Anyway, flashback…

kiefWe celebrated my nephew’s second birthday last October with “Jungle” theme!


Another birthday party happened earlier this month..


After JCI accreditation. We can finally smile. Overtime and less hours of sleep was worth. We got an excellent mark for our department. It was one of another precious moment to remember as the surveyor recognized everyone’s effort and I got a chance to have a one on one session with him. whew~




This is not related to JCI but this is is sooooo priceless!! I never expect that a patient will leave a short note like this. Ate P just entered the room and said patient. I thought somebody called again among our patients. loool.~ I am so fluttered. This is better than getting a box of chocolates.





One Year of Fitness

Processed with VSCOcam with a4 preset

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Processed with VSCOcam with kk1 presetI just subscribed to the one year gym membership of Ayla Hotel, located in Al Mutaredh Al Ain. It’s just beside of my workplace and just 5 minutes walk from my home which is a yay. Since I got a very predictable working hours, 3 times a week I work til 5 in the evening and all Fridays are my off, I decided to give it a try. I tried their one month subscription as a trial then decided to continue it for a year. Imagine I paid AED 350 for a month. For a year, it only costs me AED 2088 which comes out like more or less 200 a month.

What I like about this gym, you can use anytime you want, there’s a pool,  sauna and a shower that you can use after a work out. They also have a friendly gym instructor. He’s willing to help you, well, if you’ll ask. They also have Ladies’ Timings. Exclusively for women three times a week. If I am not mistaken, Saturdays, Mondays, Thursdays every 7 in the morning til 1 in the afternoon.

I always go four times a week in the evening except Friday, I come in the morning. Less people. haha! Though the gym is not that big, still, it’s better than do nothing to be fit. And I just got lucky from the membership payment. I got 35% discount! And the receptionist told me that they stopped giving discounts unless told by the manager. And they have a couple’s membership where you can pay less. I am not sure about the exact prices but if anyone of you have plans of joining, I’ll be very glad to inquire for you.