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Photo Talk


Hello Dubai! This was stuck in my camera for such a long time though. Though I have no plans to go to the city anytime soon. It’s still worth to share this and see the skyscrapers in Dubai. Hashtag no filter. haha!




Caffeine Unfixed and Miracle Garden

I’ve been drinking lots of caffeine lately. urgh~


Hello February! As usual, it’s getting busy these days. I have to behave at work as much as possible. Just kidding. I think my astrology for this year is right. I’ll be having some challenges in my career and as usual, love life is still dry. haha! Sooo~ I was talking to this Danes guy for a week and still it didn’t work out for both of us. I don’t think it’s my fault that I’m quite reserved. There are some words he told me that made me think and he’s right that I must say to myself that I am perfect and there’s someone out there who wants me for who am I. Well I don’t even know how to flirt back. hell! haha!

So let’s go back to where we are. I was able to get myself an escape from the quiet life in Al Ain and went to Dubai and see The Miracle Garden for the second time. It’s unfortunate that I was the only single and just third wheeling. Everyone’s married! haha! So I gave them some work to take me photos.




Thanks Kuya for being my photographer of the day! And now I feel like buying Iphone 7 plus after seeing those images! haha! Here comes the group photo below.


February please be good to me. ­čÖé

Food Truck, Beer and Friends


I almost forgot about some overdue photos I have on my phone and this trip to Dubai was one of them. I forgot when was this but this was one of the recent meet ups with my friends  unfortunately, I am the only one coming from Al Ain so I have to sacrifice.Boo.

This was actually a planned trip. We decided to check out this Food Truck event in Emirates Golf Club had a bottle of beer, played around, goofing around and tried the colorful tacos from Calle Tacos. I survived that one bottle, phew.~ We didn’t stay long there as we also have other itineraries.



The Dubai Miracle Garden


After almost two years of staying in the desert, finally I found time to visit the most talked about The Miracle Garden. It was recorded in Guinness Book of Record and few years back, it was located in Al Ain before they relocated it to Dubai. It was stunning. You’ll love every minute staying there. You won’t see expensive flowers like roses, tulips or anything, just simple flowers that you usually in the side streets of Al Ain. The entrance costs 30 dirhams for the whole day visit. ┬áIt’s only open during the winter season where the flowers will bloom the most.



Adventure in Dubai

I was checking out my photos in my iPad and I realized I haven’t completed my post about my Dubai adventure. Well, disregarding the day two weeks ago when I went to Gitex with my friends and got my new babies.


We went to Souq Madinat first thing in the morning and almost there’s no people yet. So, enjoying the view in the place is great. And you can see Burj Al Arab clearer and nice.We also went to “The Palm” and it was such a looong drive. However, I love my back drop of Burj Al Arab.


And last stop before mall hopping was Dubai Museum. For only 3 Dirhams each, you can now see the history of Dubai.

Thanks to my cousins for touring me. The two days off was worth it.