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Quick Journey To Qasr Al Muwaiji

I finally got a chance to get myself a “me time,” instead of going to the mall to unwind, I decided to go to the nearest museum in my place. I thought it’s gotta be a ten minutes taxi ride but it turned out really near in my place. If only it’s not scorching hot, I might just walk. haha~


So I went to Qasr Al Muwaiji, it is the home of the Al Nahyan, the leaders of UAE, it’s a very interesting place though and well renovated. Qasr means a large house, a fortress. And guess what, the entrance is free! But as a courtesy, we have to maintain the cleanliness of the area. 🙂


Now let’s start the short journey.

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Fleeting Moment: Complete

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Attendance: Complete!

It was supposed to be a surprise birthday greeting but it was a fail. haha! It turned out that the birthday girl was surprised that I was present. I have a tendency of 80% not to be present due to my work.  It was still a great evening though. 🙂

Turning Twenty Seven

Another year older. Third birthday to celebrate away from my family but with my second family. I had no plans at all but to have a long weekend. I had my very own pre-celebration in Abu Dhabi. Checked-in with my friends but I was the only one that enjoyed as they have to take some exam. Visited my cousin but unfortunately I have to see them in the hospital, my nephew was sick that time. But now he’s home!

So… It was a long day! I enjoyed the pool, the room, though they’re not that huge, the breakfast, and walking here and there. Sipped my cup of coffee in Starbucks while reading some stuffs and I swear, I had two cups and I will not try it again! I was awake until the next day.

I was back in Al Ain the next day. I just did my usual stuffs and uh oh~ phone calls from work. And the surprise starts.

I thought it was an ordinary dinner with my sister in Christ and then suddenly, I heard something that sounds like fireworks. They gave me cake and flower!


After church, I was asking myself why it was so dark. They should open the light! And when I entered, balloons are everywhere.


Ok, so I thought that’s the end.

As I prepared our dinner with all my friends, I cooked pasta and grilled chicken!, a surprise cake from my home mates. And my sisters in Christ finally realized that I just opened my eyes very wide and says “Oh” during surprises. I’m a weirdo, I know.

It’s not yet the end. We’re doing a wrap up when my so called “mommy” came out of the room with a box. Another gift.

It was an overwhelming birthday.

And a small cake from my Church family.


Thank you for all the love and surprises.

A Surprise

I thought it was just an ordinary lunch. We had lunch in Qube, a fusion of Arabic and Asian and particulary some Japanese food. We had sushi and first time I ever saw an avocado instead of mango. Anyway, it made me full. I broke my no rice rule for this week. It’s my weakness though. But I swear it’s bland.

So…. I was unaware with this surprise. We were in Dip n Dip when all the staffs suddenly sang a happy birthday. It was too early but my friend will be having an exam. Way too early but thanks a lot. ^^