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Fleeting Moments: Nando’s

Three years back when I was still new in Al Ain, we tried the chicken peri peri in Nando’s. This was during the era of pre-braces, long hair and pre-gym. 


Life Recently



So Ate Tere had invited me to go for lunch and we were just planning to go somewhere along the food court. But we saw Chili’s and they had 45 AED  lunch special so we grabbed the opportunity. But they had something more. Buy one take one on main course so we took the chance. We had fajitas, baby back ribs and bottomless strawberry and lemon iced tea. That made us totally full. It was worth it. haha! But here’s the thing. I only had few pieces of shrimp and I know I won’t get any allergies except if it’s a lobster or something else. I started to feel some paresthesia in my extremities and in my throat. I tried to take some rest but to no avail. I was having a severe allergy. Luckily I have some stock of medicines, I got myself a shot of Dexamethasone. It’s not a good thing though but better than nothing. Phew~

Lesson: Don’t eat much seafoods especially if it’s not fresh. haha!!

Well, these days are just too busy. I got some plans to go somewhere but the next day, I’m ditching as I prefer to just rest. And yes! As I mentioned in the previous post, it was Women’s day. There’s nothing much to celebrate at all but thanks for the bunch of chocolates. Calories! haha!

I hope to get some rest again. I’m not getting enough sleep these days though. T.T


And here comes the once in a blue moon “selfie.” haha~ And I am still thinking about upgrading my wp. hmmm~


P.S. Photos were just edited in snapseed. 🙂

Circle – Sushi Counter

Funny, I am on a diet but I can’t stop myself and was indulge with sushi. And after several times planning to try Circle, finally we’re there. 

It has a good ambiance though it doesn’t look like a sushi house at all. The menu is on iPad and you can clearly see how each sushi looks like. We never thought that it’s so much affordable! You can get an order as low as AED 25 and big slices. They’ll also give you a starter of bread, yogurt and olives and they’re tasty, I swear. This is a must try place. ^^ It is located in Al Ain Mall, just in the corner. ^^ And I’d love to try it again. I’ll ditch my diet for this. Haha!

Friday is Cheat Day

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It was a day for cheating. It was Friday, I went to the gym (yup, just started working out again), we went to the church and I had decided to go the mall with my friends to release some stress. lol. I had two coupons for T.G.I.F. so we just used it before 2015 ends. It was a scrumptious lunch and I’ll try not to cheat again. haha!