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Fleeting Moment: Complete

sfc hh kai

Attendance: Complete!

It was supposed to be a surprise birthday greeting but it was a fail. haha! It turned out that the birthday girl was surprised that I was present. I have a tendency of 80% not to be present due to my work.  It was still a great evening though. 🙂


Friends Part 2

DSC_1366 DSC_1378


I got lost of track now of what happened to me during my vacation in the Philippines. I am still having that vacation mode that needs to be turned off. I am back to work. haha! And one more week before Ramadan ends. So much things happened and I won’t rant it here. LOL.

So, this is the second part of my Friend’s Day series during my vacation. Though everyday can be Friend’s Day post. haha! They are my friends who helped me a lot to develop myself, especially my so called “tatay” whom I spent my first 10 months here in Al Ain with. And p.s. my driver whenever I need. haha!

Hopefully I see them next year. kyaaa!