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When This Thing Hit You Hard

I’ve been LSS with this song for a few days now and it just hits my heart. haha!

It’s just all about an unrequited love. It’s in Korean though. And aside from that, the aegyoness is just too much. haha!

Well, the song said:

“If I express it, I fear we’ll grow distant
Losing you is unthinkable
If I express it, I fear we’ll grow distant
Losing you is unthinkable”
I have this Oppa and we’ve been talking for some time, still!!!!

Ending The Year With Lunafly

IMG_20131229_082823-pola IMG_20131228_170719-pola IMG_20131228_164309-pola IMG_20131228_163745-pola IMG_20131228_163729-pola IMG_20131228_163042-pola

I just attended the 5th Philippine Kpop Convention last December 28, Saturday, and the experience was like so-so. It wasfun because of Lunafly but we’re so disappointed because of the line. It was so disorganized.  It was my second time attending and probably my last. I just want to see my friends, actually.  I watched Lunafly with Allaine. And we waited six hours before we were able to enter the venue. It was nice to listen to Lunafly live and of course to see them. I will not forget Teo’s “Salamat po!” Live or not, their voices are the same. ^_^

It’s a great experience after all. We didn’t even finish the program because both of us, (Allaine), wanted to have some coffee and we’re both damn tired. And I don’t want to fall in line again for six hours. =.=

December, 2013

1-6 {SMX Convention, Pasay City

Happy Tenth!

December 26 marks the tenth debut anniversary of the k-pop group TVXQ and JYJ. Time surely flies so quickly. Ten years. I can’t imagine that. It was like yesterday. Though I am not fan girling that much anymore, I’ll always love these boys and they’re men already, ehem~ 

Ten years of Keeping the faith. Always keep the faith. Hope til the end.


All About DickPunks


After Superstar K4, finally the indie group DickPunks is back and officially debuted with the release of their first mini album, Viva Primavera.  The band is composed of Kim Tae Hyeon, Kim Hyunwoo, Park Garam and Kim Jae Heung. P.S. They used no electric guitar and I only realized that few weeks before the finals when Lee Seung Chul, judge of Superstar K, mentioned it.

If I’m not mistaken, the group, DickPunks was formed six years before they joined the program. Basically that’s 2006. They had a bitter past. But they did not give up. In 2012, they joined the most prestigious singing competition in Korea on it’s 4th season, Supertar K and the rest is history.

What I like about this group, they have unique style in music. Playing without guitar is just something different and Kim Hyun Woo’s talent in keyboarding is just amazing. I kept replaying their first performance in the show, Ulleungdo Twist and I’ve been playing that song for the past few months. The original arrangement of the song was slow and kinda trot (If that was the correct term) but they made it unique by making it rock.

They don’t just perform like a crazy man, they can also sing ballad. That shows they have a diverse talent in music.

And now in 2013, they made their official debut with the mini album, Viva Primavera.


Recommended songs of the album: Viva Primavera, Stars, New Yorker


I Am Back On Line

I quite regret that I don’t have any back up files when my memory card got corrupted. *sigh* I got lots of JYJ photos in there including the half naked Jaejoong and the video where Yoochun and Junsu danced Hug.

I just opened my Line few days ago and oh, I was surprised that they aired a commercial on Philippine TV. Or maybe it’s becaue of Siwon. If any of you got a Line, I mean Naver Line, give me a holla. My username is @snowflakes065 😀

And I’m sorry if I’m gotta spam too much photos of JYJ. I just love spamming. LOL…Image










Photos were officially taken from JYJ Offcial Account on Naver Line. I just can’t get enough of ’em.