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That Time When I Didn’t Give Up

I thought my skills got rusty. I even called my senior to stay behind me just in case I didn’t get it. Thank you Lord, I got it in one shot. No ouch and I got a very nice plasma fibrin. 


Life During and After Overtime and Exhausment

“Show the horse where the water is. If it’s thirsty let the horse go to the water is. The lake should remain at its place.”

I am back after almost two months of unannounced hiatus. After the JCI mock survey everything became whirlwind. Left and right meeting, overtime and preparation of presentations. As the head department slash staff of OMFS, it was hard. Everything was first and as we survived, I already have an idea what will happen to the next one. Yes! We’re already anticipating it. It means tons of paper works for me.

Anyway, flashback…

kiefWe celebrated my nephew’s second birthday last October with “Jungle” theme!


Another birthday party happened earlier this month..


After JCI accreditation. We can finally smile. Overtime and less hours of sleep was worth. We got an excellent mark for our department. It was one of another precious moment to remember as the surveyor recognized everyone’s effort and I got a chance to have a one on one session with him. whew~




This is not related to JCI but this is is sooooo priceless!! I never expect that a patient will leave a short note like this. Ate P just entered the room and said patient. I thought somebody called again among our patients. loool.~ I am so fluttered. This is better than getting a box of chocolates.





Nurse In Action


Another week had passed. So far, the patients that were infected by Dengue were slowly increasing. Please be careful! Always clean our environment. 🙂

Here’s my fellow colleagues. Thanks again to Miss Hazel for the photos.



After a series  of stressful event in my life, I got myself a new haircut. Shorter and better.


Listening to: Be Warmed by Davichi feat. Verbal Jint

After Work

Fellow colleagues and I decided to go to the mall a few weeks ago and it was hella lot of fun. I bought a bar phone which I’ll be needing in case my phone will be draining out of battery and we had dinner in KFC.

I was so stressed lately. There are so many things to do at home and at work. But work was fun lately. Lesser toxic patients, new fellow staffs but have to say goodbye to them eventually. I had a lot of fun teaching them.


Thanks to Miss Hazel for the photos and the collage. XD








Phew~ never thought the photos will be this big. Haha~